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Oh damn, I got two! That’s awesome! Thanks!!

Since I do got two, I’ll say 10 random facts instead:

  1. Character development-wise, I’m like Kengo from Little Busters! Until recently, I was that serious kid in class. Now that I’ve loosen up a bit, I’m a certified idiot! Wahaha!
  2. One time while watching a basketball match, I bought a $3 popcorn, gave the lady $10, and told her, “Keep the change." Awkward stares around me. Got my change unfortunately.
  3. My Achilles Heel is hugs. Give me one and you can be sure that I’ll grin like an idiot.
  4. By extension, I’m weak against teddy bears. Horrible toys meant for hugs. Evil creatures.
  5. Within the past decade, Little Busters! is currently the only fictional work that has made me cry like a baby. There are others that made me teary-eyed but LitBus takes the cake.
  6. I made a keyboard typing game for my Mom once to help her improve her typing skills. I overdid it so much that it was too difficult for her. People online like it though.
  7. I always like teaching people stuff. As much as I want to be a teacher though, I’m better at teaching people one by one. So I guess I’m fine as a Tutor?
  8. I started drinking coffee because of that one time during a meeting I said, “Man, I like Mocha cake a lot. If only there’s a Mocha-flavored coffee." My friend answered, "Dude, Mocha IS coffee." I replied, "It is!??" 80% of the people in the room had a variation of facepalm.
  9. One time I spent an entire day making dirty jokes about French bread as I was eating one. It took me an entire day since it was so hard and long. By the end, my jaw was aching. It was delicious though!
  10. I made a grown man cry once. (Damn, that was really awkward haha!) I didn’t mean to of course, wasn’t expecting it either.

As for passing this along, I’ll do that some other time. Too Lazy. =w=

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